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Start your day with PFScanner Bonus Online-service of psychodiagnostics The mobile app [...]

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Start your day with PFScanner Bonus
Online-service of psychodiagnostics
The mobile app PFScanner Bonus (psychological face scanner) is a convenient mobile tool that allows you to do automated psychodiagnostics of a person by photo in a couple of seconds.
After downloading and installing PFScanner Bonus on your mobile device, you can get the objective information about your individual psychological characteristics. The periodic use of PFScanner Bonus makes it possible to observe positive or negative changes in real time, change behavior, plan daily activities, and choose the best ways of personal development.
PFScanner Bonus allows to carry out diagnostic of the following features:
1. Emotional stability
2. Interacting with environment
3. Adjustability
4. Tempo of behavior
5. Moral normativity
6. Interpersonal skills
7. A potential for adaptation
The individual data captured by PFScanner Bonus (photos, data of psychological analysis) are provided only to the user PFScanner Bonus. Data is not sent to the developers, is not transferred to third parties and is not used for other purposes.
PFScanner Bonus is an experimental project based on the best practices. Research in this field continues. In the future, the phased extension and deepening of the psycho-diagnostic capabilities of the mobile tool is planned.
Mobile application PFScanner Bonus is intended for individual use, commercial or use for other purposes is strictly prohibited.
PFScanner Bonus is a secondary tool for an instant analysis of psychological characteristics and does not designed to be a reliable complex psychological research of personality. All data obtained with the help of PFScanner Bonus, are purely informational in nature and are the opinion of the developers. The information received should be used with caution, after consultation with a professional psychologist.
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