SleepyTime Plus

SleepyTime Plus

Want to wake up refreshed? Every time you sleep, you enter into a series of sleep cycles that [...]

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  • Requires Android: 2.4.5
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Want to wake up refreshed? Every time you sleep, you enter into a series of sleep cycles that last for around 90 minutes, and waking up during one of the cycles will make you feel groggy and exhausted. 🌙

SleepyTime is an app designed to help you wake up in-between sleep cycles and allows you to start the day with a clear mind.

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Featured on the New York Times

===What this app does===
✅ Calculates when to wake up and when to sleep to feel great
✅Calculate when to wake up if you sleep now
✅Get a list of possible times
✅Add an alarm by clicking on a time
✅Option to take into account the time it takes for you to fall asleep
✅Option to use the 24 hours format or the AM/PM format
✅Widgets on homescreen and lockscreen (Jellybean 4.2 +)
✅Light and Dark theme
✅Plus users get an enhanced widget.
✅(Plus Only) No Ads

===What this app does not do ===
❎ It's not an alarm app by itself, it only adds it to your android alarm clock app
❎ Cook for you
❎ Do your homework 🐶

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Allows you to quickly set alarms based on when you want to wake up.


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